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by Ben Scott, February 4, 2018 , In Blog

Digitals: What are they and why do I need them?

I often get asked by people who are interested in getting in to the modeling agency what they need to do.  The first thing I tell them is to make sure they have updated digitals.

What are digitals and why are they needed?

model digitals digitals

submitting to agencies simple digitals

Digitals used to be called polaroids because they were taken by a polaroid camera to quickly show the model’s current look.  With the advent of digital technology these images are now taken with a digital camera and have been renamed digitals.

digitals digitals

These images are used by agencies for placement.  When taking these images you should have minimal to no makeup on.  I would advise against fake lashes too.  Also, wear plain t’s and jeans.  You may also need images in plain bikini or under garments.  These images should not be edited.  I would recommend taking them against a plain white wall to limit distractions. Retake your digitals whenever you change hair style.  Do not over pose.  Look natural but still show your personality.  These can be taken with a cell phone by a friend or family member if needed.



Make sure you get the following shots: full body, 3/4 shot, headshot.  Also take a side 3/4 turn, profile, and back shot of each of those.  It is better to have them and not need them then not take them and then get asked for them.